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Patients save money and sometimes end up with zero out-of-pocket costs. Our copay specialists use advanced software to review all available funding sources and match you with a program that fits your needs.

Copay Assistance & Financial Aid

AmeriPharma Specialty Care alleviates you and your family of the financial burden. Here’s how:

We'll research all available funding sources

You'll be matched with a foundation program that fits your needs

We'll help you out with the application process

Constant updates on the status of your funding

Patients with health insurance coverage

If you have a prescription that requires prior authorization, we’ll work directly with your doctor and provider for approval.

Patients without health insurance plans

We’ll work directly with financial assistance foundations to help secure financial aid.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D (also referred to as the Medicare prescription drug benefit) is a federal government program that helps to cover the costs of prescription drugs. We help our patients understand Medicare Part D, educating them on how the program works and helping them to make informed decisions that best fit their needs.

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